From chaos and suffering to peace and fulfilment



It was during Covid when I was living in New York City and I was forced to stop working when I realized I had no idea who I was without work. 

After working in the human behavioral space I realized I loved the work but absolutely hated the 9-5 structure, so I set out to find freedom through real estate. While I did find my freedom, I lost my soul. I made more money than I ever thought possible for me, bought investment properties, but took one look at my life and realized I was desperately seeking love and validation though money, material items, status and success through my career.

When Covid hit and all of that was gone, it finally hit me how broken and lost I truly was inside. I took on a deep healing journey that started with taking 6 months off to detox from the chaos I was so addicted to living in NYC, having worked every waking hour of my day. Not only was I addicted to the chaos in my work day but also in my personal relationships, choosing to stay in toxic environments and connections. From this detox I found that what I deeply desired was a life of peace and love where I could be my authentic self, living out my purpose in abundance.




I have been a trained coach since 2020, I am a certified coach, reiki practitioner, and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. I have a background working in human behavior which is where I learned to understand the inner workings of humans based off of behavior and how to rewire behavior patterns. I then worked as a neurological education specialist, where I learned how malleable the brain can be and how easy it is to open new pathways to create our reality. I have also studied homeopathy, somatics, and nervous system regulation, which I learned, took pieces from, and applied to my coaching method.

The depth of my skills and training truly comes from my life experiences. Having healed and moved through workaholism, addiction to suffering, chaos and stress, abandonment/rejection wounds, abuse, perfectionism, attachment issues, people pleasing, fears, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and self-doubt helped me get to the other side of feeling stuck and purposeless through breaking my patterns. This transformed my life in a way I never knew possible and I now feel inspired to teach you.


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Through this process I can confidently say I do not recognize myself in the best way possible. I have taken on a life of peace and flow and I haven’t worked a day in my life since I started this business serving others through what I’ve learned in my God given journey. 

Although my life has not been easy and the depths of traumas are dark, I know it was given to me with a greater purpose and that is through breaking my limiting patterns and reaching towards my highest potential to now help others do the same.